I'll just put this with the rest of the fire...

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The IT Crowd is one of the more underrated TV shows to have existed. Richard Ayoade is an utter gem as Maurice Moss, and I wish this hilarious show had a longer run than it got! But what we do have is pure gold, and I suppose we should be grateful for that much at least.

This greeting card is basically Moss' hilarious email to the Fire Department. It takes up the entire right half of the card interior, but the left half is free for your note!

Card size: 5 x 7 inches

  • archival-quality art reproduction

  • card has a linen texture that feels unique and artistic (see close-up pic!)

  • featured on Buzzfeed's "19 Things To Buy For The Slightly Creepy Richard Ayoade Fan In Your Life" (2017) :D

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