Custom Digital Painting (with Scenic Background)

$ 260.00

This listing is for a custom digital painting with a full scenic background, whether it's featuring a person or a pet! This base listing is for one to two subjects- for more subjects and/or a more intricate background, please message me for an estimate. 

The size can be anywhere between 8 x 10 inches to 11 x14, digital art is wonderfully flexible that way. Another benefit of digital painting is the ability to create really creative, fantastical imagery with a very rich palette!

These have been commissioned for gifts, Save the Date cards, business use (avatars, web landing pages, business cards,) album artwork, and more! 

With this listing, you'll receive:

• a glossy archival quality print of the work in an 8 x 10  or 11 x 14 size
• a high-resolution digital file you can take to places that print on canvas
• a jpeg version of the file you can use for everyday purposes/social media feeds

How the custom process works:

1. After the order is placed, I will email you to discuss your idea, and get reference photos.

2. Once we have a good plan in place and details decided on, I get to work! Usually, this takes between one to two weeks depending on the complexity involved. Each piece is unique in this regard. Progress pics will be happily sent if you'd like! (Some prefer to be surprised. It's up to you!)

4. When I feel it's done, I will send a copy for approval. After your approval, I will send you the files and a physical print will be made and shipped to you.

If you have any questions at all about this process, please message me! I will gladly answer any and all questions you might have, I know this can be an unfamiliar process to many.

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