Illustrated Diagrams and Cartoons for Tech/Business Articles and Books

These are cartoons and diagrams I've illustrated for various tech/business blogs. I've worked on over 150 of these!


The Problem:

These clients were starting new blogs, Substacks, or publishing a book and wanted to avoid the impersonal sterility of stock photography.

They were looking for unique hand-drawn illustrations and charts to give their blog page and individual posts a bespoke identity similar to what you see in other popular blogs in the tech and business space.

The Solution:

These clients all found me in their search for a freelance illustrator who worked in the style they wanted, and who understood the subject matter.

I was given image ideas that ranged from vague to very specific, and in all cases, I was able to grasp where they wanted me to fill in the gaps and how.

In addition to producing the illustrations, I also established a consistent style and color palette so that their blog or Substack would have a coherent visual identity too.

The Reaction

I never get tired of hearing about how much my clients' readers comment on my blog post illustrations and how much they love them. 

My style tends to have a very friendly, upbeat vibe and I'm glad to hear that it's having that intended effect on viewers. In fact, you just might have found your way here from!

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