What Kind of Work Do I Do?

Whiteboard-Style Explainer Doodles

loraine yow illustrator Whiteboard-Style Explainer Doodles

This is what I'm best known for- explaining complex or abstract concepts with whiteboard-style doodles. I produce these for a lot of tech and fintech blogs, and I love both studying the materials I'm given to work with, and the fun I get to have with the illustrations!


Tech Blog Cartoons

tech blog cartoon illustrations loraine yow

A lot of you have found me through MTLynch.io’s blog! We first worked together on his “How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human” blog post in 2017. His thoughtful, funny posts are still one of my favorites to work on.


 Technical Sketching

technical product sketches loraine yow

I love doing technical, industrial sketch style product sketches. This is the main style I use for creating instruction manuals!


Realistic Digital Painting

realistic digital painting loraine yow

Digital painting and realism are also my areas of specialty! I love the challenge inherent in realism, especially with  portraits.