What It's Like to Work with Me

I’m highly disciplined, organized, and thoughtful (typical INTJ!) Nothing slips through the cracks and I'm dedicated to the success of every project I choose to work on.

My project management and CRM is set up in a linked Airtable database. The versatile views make it work well as both a historic spreadsheet of completed projects and also a kanban board of only my active projects. 

All time tracking happens with Toggl, which I love for it's lovely UI and reports. This is surprisingly hard to come by in the world of time trackers!

The Project Lifecycle

loraine yow freelance tech illustrator

My creation process is very draft-heavy. I like to work out all the the structural details in the draft stage, where iterations can be quick and easy.

I'm willing to do as many edits in this stage as needed, before I finalize anything. It's important to get it exactly how you want it, before any of the heavy lifting is invested!


My hourly rate is $75/hr and how long each project takes depends on the complexity of the style and the number of images needed. Feel free to email me if you're curious, I'm happy to provide rough estimates once I have enough info.

I also encourage referrals, and love to show my appreciation for successful referrals with future discounts!

Communication Style:

Friendly and considerate, and I look for the same in the clients I choose to work with.

I'm extremely diligent about keeping my clients informed of when to expect the next update from me so you can plan accordingly or see if I can reschedul if need be.

I prefer email/Slack over phone calls, and I usually reply to emails within 24 hrs. I keep offices hours Monday through Friday, from noon to 6pm PST. Saturdays are all mine but I keep an eye out for anything urgent on Sunday.

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