What Kind of Work Do I Do?

Great question! These are the types of illustration I specialize in.
They don't fit neatly under one categorization, so it's best to just show and tell.

Whiteboard-Style Explainer Doodles

This kind of playful information design is what I'm best known for- explaining complex or abstract concepts in an easily-digestible and friendly format.

Adding visuals to your content makes it more engaging and appealing. But more importantly, visuals that are custom-made, fun, and clarifying are the secret to standing out in a world awash in stock photography and graphics. The world simply can't handle any more stock photography at this point!

The storytelling work that visuals perform is also incredibly powerful. We humans understand the world and our place in it best through narratives. They cut right to the core of our chocolate-filled centers like a hot knife of clarity.

I regularly produce these doodles for several tech, business, finance, and medical blogs/Substacks. I love studying all the materials I'm given to work with, and as a polymath I have the ability to easily synthesize information across disciplines. Also, they're just so much fun to create!

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Tech Blog Cartoons

A lot of you have found me through mtlynch.io’s blog! We first worked together on his “How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human” blog post in 2017. His thoughtful, funny posts are still one of my favorites to work on.

Technical Sketching

I love doing technical, industrial sketch style product sketches. This is the main style I use for creating instruction manuals, which, believe it or not, I find a lot of fun to create!

Realistic Portrait Drawing

Digital painting and realism are also my areas of specialty! I love the challenge inherent in realism, especially with portraits. I'm often commissioned to create these for website headshots and avatars