When will I get my stuff?

Super quick! I ship all orders within 24 hours. Same-day shipping has also been known to happen, if I catch the order at the right time. The rest is up to our trusty friends at USPS. They've been dealing with some cut backs lately, but when they're on, they are on.


Can I have a different message printed inside a greeting card?

You bet your sweet ass you can. Just tell me what alternate text you want, in the "message to seller" box when checking out.


I bought a Sherlock print for my girlfriend, but now she's really distraught over his sudden marriage. Can I return it?

This is a perfectly acceptable reason for a return. And so is most anything else. I'm not here to force my stuff on anyone, I'm here to share some laughs and love. So as long as the item is returned to me in it's original condition, and within 14 days of receiving it, I will refund it fully. Please contact me for instructions.


Should I be nervous about framed art being sent in the mail?

A very logical concern. Please allow me to reassure you with the following facts:
* I have mailed over 50 framed prints (some even overseas) and they have all survived to tell happy tales of their travels
* All framed art is shipped with insurance. Not only does this protect the monetary value of the package, it also means better handling of the physical item.