loraine yow illustrator lolo-ology tech cartoonistHi. Loraine here. I can be quickly summed up as a bookworm, polymath, lover of spreadsheets and action movies.

Though I’m a political scientist by training, I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator since 2016 after having honed a hobby skill to a professional level. Within 5 months of joining Upwork, I earned a coveted Top Rated status, and have maintained it ever since!  

In recent years, my experience as a freelancer has led me to really narrow in on the kind of illustration that I love most and excel at, which is playful information design.

Being very INTJ, I'm drawn to the tech field and data science. (I'm the kind of person who has several personal spreadsheets that are maintained on a daily basis, tracking various metrics of my life. On weekends, I like to pore over them and try to see emergent patterns and spot areas that need improvement.)

I now specialize in playful information design (think explanatory cartoons and whiteboard-style doodles.) I help developers, product managers, and thought leaders present their complex tech/business concepts in an easily-digestible and friendly format, making their content memorable and more widely accessible. As an endlessly curious polymath, I have with the ability to easily synthesize information across disciplines. 

Working in this specific area of focus has led to two revelations that are guiding my next evolution: that I may be very well-suited for more polished data visualization work, and that I truly love project management.

Interested in working with me? Here's some more info about my process and what it looks like! (Availability is currently very limited.)

What's next:

  • 1-3 year plan: UX/UI design or data visualization/design. Q1 of 2021 is dedicated to finding out which
  • 3-5 year goal: transition into Project Management, my true love

More Info:

  • Instagram is my main social network. I like to draw disgruntled cats on my freelance work to make it slightly more post-worthy. Come say hi.
  • You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn too!
  • And just for fun, here's my Goodreads profile. Friend me there if we share similar tastes.