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Though I’m a political scientist by training, I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator since 2016 after having honed a hobby skill to a professional level. Within 5 months of joining Upwork, I achieved their coveted Top Rated status, and have maintained it ever since!

In recent years, my experience as a freelancer has led me to really narrow in on the kind of illustration that I love most and excel at, which is playful information design.

Being very INTJ, I'm drawn to the tech field and data science. I'm the kind of person who loves organizing data into spreadsheets and analyzing them for emergent patterns.

I now specialize in playful information design (think explanatory cartoons and whiteboard art.) I mainly work on tech, finance, medical, and business blogs/substacks. I help developers, consultants, and thought leaders present their concepts in an easily digestible and friendly format, making their content stand out in often saturated fields.

My superpower is that I have an extensive (and constantly growing) knowledge base in these fields and can jump right in at a high level, saving a lot of explanation time. My daily news/article intake is full of tech/leadership/innovation/strategy content like HBR and Farnam Street, and that's the kind of content I'm best at illustrating. As an endlessly curious polymath, I also have the ability to easily synthesize information across disciplines.

I'm more of a technician than an artist, and working with me grants you an organized team member who handles feedback well, collaborates productively, and adheres to excellent project management practices. In others, I value kindness and clear communication.

Regular clients include Hugo's Behind the Team substack, Level One Fund, Cultured Meat News, Liatrio, mtlynch.io, HowardLuksMD.com, and Good to Great Schools AU.

More Info:

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