Art Prints & Framed Prints

These giclee prints are all super high-quality reproductions of hand-drawn artwork. Featuring various geekdoms, role models, and cats that have swelled my heart over the years. I love the technical challenge of photorealism, and the funny juxtaposition it creates with modern fan art subject! 

All prints are hand cut and professionally printed with cutting-edge pigments that have a lightfastness ratings of up to 108 years! Take that, sun!

"Ok...but what are prints? What do I do with these?" Don't worry, I get asked this a lot. It's not the most well-know term outside of art nerd circles! Prints are basically really high quality posters of artwork, printed on thick art paper and meant to last a very long time. You can frame them, or hang them up as they are with some cute clips, push pins, or washi tape. Fresh art is a quick and easy way to change up the feel of an entire room!