Political Cartoons for a Book

March 06, 2018

Political Cartoons for a Book

These are some of the 13 cartoons I illustrated for an upcoming nonfiction book about the current state of US policy and it's rising debt and inequality. Seen through the lens of an "old man" whose sons' generation will have to pay the price. Literally, and also in every figurative way.

Confessions of an Old Man is a meticulous account of just how much the baby boomer generation is mortgaging the future of the Millennial and Gen Z generations to pay its current bills. And most importantly, what the upcoming generations can do about it.

political cartoon Stealing from the millennial generation

"My generation is leaving the MI Generation a mountain of national debt to pay for the rest of their lives, a very expensive higher education system that does not provide a decent return on their money and an unaffordable and inaccessible health care system. Moreover, they are left with a planet that is getting warmer and two unwinnable wars with borrowed money from foreign countries." -Munir Moon

political cartoon igen fights back

This project was especially fun for me, as my background is in poly-sci. And I am one of the older Millennials who will have to reckon with the damage currently being wreaked. But I have faith in us and the next generation. There is a fierce determination born from having only known a world where the American Dream is a legend already passed into the annals of history and what's left is hard-won and must be fought for. There is no complacency, only scrappiness. Just look at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglass kids. 

political cartoon generation most in debt

political cartoon weapons stockpiling

political cartoon american workers don't want the jobs migrants are doing

political cartoon divide and conquer

political cartoon accomplishments of congress

political cartoon make a change

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