Pet Portrait Baby Gift

July 03, 2017

Pet Portrait Baby Gift

I was at a loss as to what to get a good friend for a baby gift. I'm not one for baby stuff. I don't think any of it is cute, and I was not eager to go look at a bunch of it to try to find something that she wouldn't already have gotten 10 of. Also, as with every gift opportunity, I wanted to find a way to make something myself, in the interest of defraying the cost. Heh. So I put these two things into the ol' idea machine, and let it incubate for a bit.

Sure enough, an epiphany popped out one night while I was in the shower (it's always in the shower.) I could illustrate a picture of her late doggo, and have it printed onto a baby shirt! That way, she'd be able to have both her girls together, in a way.

It took a few iterations to get it right, since all I could find was a tiny, pixelated photo to use as a reference, but I was determined to execute this concept and plowed through a few frustrating nights of it. I worked at it until I had something I was happy with, and ended up getting a shirt and a few stickers made of the design!

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