Teaching Materials for Variations Psychology

March 20, 2018

Teaching Materials for Variations Psychology

These are some of the graphics and handouts I illustrated for Variations Psychology to use in their programs and practice. Simple, friendly cartoons are a great way to communicate concepts and processes to patients, especially in information-dense settings. 

This chart was created for a blog post about a method of focusing attention for children:

FOCUS chart

And this color-in version was made into a free printable so parents could have their kids color it in as an activity:

focus color-in sheet

It's always a delight seeing my work be put to good use! I like creating things that have utility. Somehow, this is meaningful to me. I only pick projects where my work serves some explanatory or otherwise useful) function.

This is a comic strip I drew explaining how the process of relay coding works in a therapy session:
relay coding comic strip

And here it is in a handout that is given to parents interested in the process: 

relay coding explanation sheet for parents

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