Eagle Creek Watercolor Sketch

August 20, 2017

Eagle Creek Watercolor Sketch

I love travel sketching with watercolors, but I don't get the opportunity (or time) to do it enough! This one was started as I soaked my feet in Lower Punchbowl Falls, after a few miles of hiking at Eagle Creek. I later inked it and added the watercolor at home.

This particular hike turned out to be a rather fortuitous one, as I went just days before this exact area went up in flames in what came to be known as Oregon's Eagle Creek Fire that consumed over 20,000 acres of the Columbia River Gorge in just a few days. The fire was started right here, by some reckless teenagers who launched firecrackers off this very trail. The devastation was catastrophic, and this incredibly beautiful area will not look the same in my lifetime.

I'm grateful I had one last chance to revel in her glory- it's been a favorite place of mine since I moved to Portland 12 years ago.

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Eagle Creek Trail Lower Punchbowl Falls CRG Oregon hiking

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