Comic Panel Sample

May 23, 2018

Comic Panel Sample

This is a comic panel I drew for a test job for a book about software development. I was recommended to the author by his editor, who also edits for a software blog that I'm a regular illustrator for. 

Alas, I wound up being the close second place rather than the winner for this one. But I wanted to post it here anyway because I like how it turned out. And because I think if you're going to document your successes, you should document some near-misses (okay, "failures") as well.

I've found that a good way to regret-proof potential failures is to simply give 110%. If you've done all that you could with what you're given, then there's no logical room for much regret if you don't succeed. And if you've acquired some insight along the way, then it was worth it because it will ultimately feed your next success.

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