Blog Post Illustration for PyggyBank

April 24, 2018

Blog Post Illustration for PyggyBank

This is another blog post illustration I created for PyggyBank, a banking app centered around the mission of helping children learn and develop financial skills early

The blog post introduces the concept of teaching STEMF- adding finance to STEM and why it's just as important to have financial literacy education as STEM. It talks about how some of the smartest adults have no idea how to manage their finance, and now there is a movement from consumption to conservatism/saving.

In creating this illustration, I took the general idea of "a college grad with a perfect GPA that has a negative balance in his account" and came up with the idea to juxtapose a report card over a checkbook ledger. Which- patting myself on the back here- is pretty darn clever. 😗

blog post illustration for pyggybank stemf education



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