Header Illustration for The BLKcoin Project

February 08, 2018

Header Illustration for The BLKcoin Project

This illustration for The Blkcoin project is a variation of an old Chinese propaganda poster. The client asked that I replace the figures with African Americans of varying skin tones and hair textures, holding out cell phones and tablets instead of guns and pamphlets. 

I loved the idea, and also the premise of the project itself, which seeks to create a platform that stimulates and grows the African-American economy. It hopes to bridges the trillion dollar wealth gap that exists between the African-American community and the general population without government assistance, without philanthropy, and without wealth redistribution.

"The Blkcoin protocol will utilize game theory and cryptoeconomic incentives to not only drive user and developer adoption but to also develop a decentralized autonomous organization that funds ingenuity within the network and that will contribute to the overall value of the platform."

poster illustration for the blkcoin project illustrated by loraine yow

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