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Make a good digital first impression

Your team is the heart of your company.

Show off these superheroes on your website with cohesive avatars. 

Get Your Headshot Illustrated

Choose a style. Submit your photo. Fine-tune the results to your liking.

Cartoon Avatar
Cartoon Avatar

Fun & Friendly


1-2 days per person

Stylized Avatar
Stylized Avatar

Hip & Stylish


2-3 days per person

Fine Art Avatar
Fine Art Avatar

Sophisticated & Professional


3-5 days per person

Time for some updated headshots?

Openings fill up fast- send a quick message to get on the waitlist!

Thanks for submitting!

I've illustrated 287 portraits for individual clients and large teams.

My goal is to bring out your best self, and to help you tailor the results in a way that photos or AI art can't match.

So, How Does This Work?

Working with an illustrator isn't a common or universal experience, so here's a walkthrough of what to expect!
new project questionnaire

The Intake

I'll gather your reference pic and any special requests. You'll get a handy project brief with all the project details that we can both refer to throughout the course of the project.

Project coordinators of large teams will get a link to a dashboard that shows the status of each team member's avatar.

The Avatar Illustration

Timeframe: 2-6 days per person

I get to work on illustrating your avatar!

When it's ready, I'll add it to the brief for your review. Large teams: the dashboard will automatically update as progress is made.


Timeframe: depends on client response time and number of rounds

It's important that you love the results, so you'll get 3 rounds of revisions. (Usually, only one or two minor tweaks are needed.)


The Final Image Files

Once the final image is approved, you'll get the image file as a square jpeg for social media uploads (it's best to let the platform crop it into a circle from a square.)

If you need it in any other format, just let me know!

Team project coordinators will get a link to a shared Google Drive folder containing the team's files.

Ready to start yours?

Send me a quick message and I'll get in touch right away.

Thanks for submitting!

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