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I’m a political scientist by training, an illustrator by trade, and a big fan of organizing information.

I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator since 2016 after having honed a hobby skill to a professional level. Within 5 months of joining Upwork, I achieved their coveted Top-Rated status, and have maintained it ever since!

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Why I Do What I Do

I am a logical, systematic thinker. Quick to grasp concepts and deeply driven to research and analyze information. All out of a fond desire to build knowledge and understanding. I also love organizing that information effectively.

This is the fundamental core of who I am, and what drives 90% of what I do. The other 10% is fueled by the pursuit laugher and of action-packed adventure (mostly found through reading.)

I am one of those profoundly organized, methodical, and results-oriented people. I’m driven to put structure and systems around goals, translating ideas into practical and achievable plans.

And in this sense, I am not an artist. I’m deeply motivated to make order out of chaos, not the other way around. But I do have some very strong skills as a draftsman, because I love honing the technical aspects of realistic drawing.

When you combine all these elements, you get a nerdy illustrator who excels as information design, cartoons, and portrait drawing. And so here we are.


In my free time, you can find me reading (I read at least 60 books a year,) taking outdoorsy strolls here in the lush Pacific Northwest, or playing Civilization VI!  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!