whiteboard style product management cartoon

Whiteboard-Style Explainer Doodles

This is what I'm best known for- explaining complex or abstract concepts with whiteboard-style doodles.

I produce these for a lot of tech and fintech blogs, and I love both studying the materials I'm given to work with, and the fun I get to have with the illustrations!

Tech Blog Cartoons

A lot of you have found me through MTLynch.io’s blog!

We first worked together on his “How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human” blog post in 2017. His thoughtful, funny posts are still one of my favorites to work on.

Technical Sketching

I love doing technical, industrial sketch style product sketches. 

This is the main style I use for creating instruction manuals!

Realistic Digital Painting

Digital painting and realism are also my areas of specialty!

I love the challenge inherent in realism, especially with  portraits. 


If you're looking for an outstanding designer who's also a pleasure to work with, you should work with Loraine. She's worked on several projects for us now, and each time she's been fast, responsive, professional, skilled, and flexible. That's including some instances where we asked her to modify images at the last moment or complete a project faster than expected. She's come through every time, and we plan on working with her again in the future.

A. Legge

Loraine is a fantastic collaborator. The illustrations she created for my blog posts provide an excellent complement to the text. Many of my readers have specifically cited Loraine's illustrations as one of the memorable elements of my website.

Michael Lynch

Loraine is a gifted graphic artist with a unique style. For each of the ten drawings she created for my book, she took my general idea and imagined it better than I could have asked for. Add that to the fact that she is a pleasure to work with and you have a winner. I will definitely work with her again.

Heather Hollick

Fantastic experience -- Loraine clearly understood our complex requirements and was able to design and execute an illustration that conveyed what we required. She was communicative and open to changes and suggestions. I look forward to working with her again soon!

Aakaash Rao

Lorraine was awesome to work with. The quality of her work is exceptional. She created a one of a kind piece for us in a new business that we were trying to conceive.

I find her professional and easy to work with. She's a great communicator and a great listener. The latter being of optimal importance when working with a designer.

I would love to use Lorraine again the future.

Corinne Da Silva